Ember progress report

I thought I should post a report of the latest progress in Ember. I’m planning for a release of 0.5.0 within a month, and I’d like to report on some of the new features.

Two of the main internal libraries used by Ember, Ogre and CEGUI, have been updated to the latest versions. Updating Ogre to version 1.4 adds a lot of speed improvements and also adds more sweet graphical enhancements. However, Ember currently doesn’t use that much of the various graphical goodness offered by Ogre, mainly because I haven’t had time to focus on it. As other features gets completed I’ll hopefully have time to add some nice looking visuals.
The upgrade of CEGUI to version 0.5.0 is more significant. Not only is the latest version of CEGUI faster and more cleaner in it’s internal structure, it also allows me to integrate Lua scripting in a better way than was possible with earlier versions. This means amongst other things that Lua no longer is bundled with CEGUI; instead the system lib will be used.

The main focus of 0.5.0 is on providing better authoring tools. The goal is to allow players to edit the whole world within Ember. One major component that has been missing so far has been a working entity editor. This has now been added to Ember. A screenshot of an early version of it can be seen here:
Preview of the entity editor

Also, an astounding number of bugs have been squashed. I started Ember as a way to learn C++, and in the beginning chose to ignore proper resource destruction. It was so much easier to just exit the app and let the OS take care of freeing up all memory. :) As I’ve now become a little more familiar with the language I’ve taken pains to restructure the code so that proper shutdown occurs. The end result is that there’s less random segfaults at exit. (And also that it should be possible to disconnect from one server and connect to another.)

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2 Responses to Ember progress report

  1. Glenn says:

    I am new to WF & had trouble with Sear crashing WinXp. I am hopeful that Ember will work better. I could not figure how to move my avatar (in Sear) either and could not find the instructions button.

  2. alriddoch says:

    It should be possible to move your avatar in sear using the W, A, S and D keys that are used by most games.