Sear 0.6.0 Release

After nearly 18 months, Sear 0.6.0 is released. As can be expected from such a long development time, there have been many changes. Perhaps the most important (and the most asked for) being the addition of a GUI system for Sear covering the tasks of logging in to a server, creating and account and a character as well as some in game functionality too. Another item of note is an improved media package is used. This contains the latest media from our repository and uses many of the new features available in Sear in improve how models are handled and rendered. A larger list of changes can be found below. See the ChangeLog in the source package for a full list of changes.

Sear can be obtained from the following resources:

Source Package: sear-0.6.0.tar.gz
Auto Package: sear-0.6.0.x86.package
Win32 Installer: sear_win32_setup-0.6.0.exe

As an alternative to using WFUT to obtain the media, a tarball is also available: sear-media-0.6-2005-11-29.tar.gz

Sear is also available using WFUT. The channels sear-win32 and sear-linux contain the latest Sear release, and the channels sear-devel-win32 and sear-devel-linux contain nightly sear builds from CVS.

OS-X builds are expected to be available shortly.

Instructions for using Sear can be found on the WorldForge website.
The quickstart guide is recommended as it explains the main features of Sear and the basic tasks in the game Mason.

Overview of changes:

* Improved line editing support in console
* Entity position and orientation fixes.
* GUI implemented for server connection, account and character creation. Also inventory contents and vital stats bars.
* Inplemented Vertex Buffer Object support for many 3D components.
* Improved Cal3D support: Uses cal3d 0.10.0. Improved configuration of animations and custom blending of animations
* Many updates related to latest Eris and Atlas-C++ releases
* Add libmodelfile for md3 model loading
* Add a first person camera view
* Added area support for mercator
* Added binreloc support from autopackage
* Software cursors that can be overriden in the media
* Added use, wield and attack operations
* Added option to scale models by entity height
* Implement different view ranges for rendering models of different qualities. (high quality close up, low quality far away)
* Show entity names when ctrl is held down.
* Allow wielding of other entities (such as tools)
* Implemented a particle system for fire (and other) effects
* Many other code cleanups and fixes

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  1. YES IS need a 10.3.9 Panther Build, have been lurking for a long time waiting for this…
    …attempted to build my own long ago, but I could never get xCode to cook it. Have to admit, I’m not too great building C projects with xCode.