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With the new IK System from Blender, the animation process has become much easier. The new rig also helps because of the automation contraints. I also went ahead and gave the hands a full set of fingers because I am seeing this in many commercial games. The current animations that you see are going to be avaible only for Ember and are going to happen relatively quick. The reason for this is, as of yet there is no pipe to get animations out of Blender 2.41 and into the Cal3D format.

The plan is to proceed in creating a total of half dozen animations for LinuxTag as well as well desinged NPC type of character.

A little animation clip can be found here.
Compressed with DViX5.1/1.1Megs

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One Response to Animation

  1. Olek says:

    Very nice! That’s more life-like than some commercial programs out there!