Sear 0.6.1 Release

Sear: The Pig Seller

Sear 0.6.1 is released. This release brings many improvements to the GUI components. The character creation dialog now has a list of playable character types. This fixes one of major issues with the previous release. Speech Bubbles have been added to improve dialog with other players and NPC’s and there is also a basic help system. Other GUI components allow adjusting key bindings and video modes. Two new console commands have been added. /me for emotes and /eat (added to inventory dialog) to nourish our character. Other changes include updating to Eris 1.3.10 API, using builtin Eris ops instead of sear custom ones for use, wield, create etc, and numerous stability and code improvements.

Sear can be obtained from the following locations:Source Package: sear-0.6.1.tar.gz
Linux Auto Package: sear-0.6.1.x86.package
Windows Installer: sear_win32_setup-0.6.1.exe

As an alternative to using WFUT to obtain the media, a tarball is also available: sear-media-0.6-20060204.tar.gz

Sear is also available using WFUT. The channels sear-win32 and sear-linux contain the latest Sear release, and the channels sear-devel-win32 and sear-devel-linux contain nightly sear builds from CVS.

OS-X builds are expected to be available shortly.

Instructions for using Sear can be found on the WorldForge website.
The quickstart guide is recommended as it explains the main features of Sear and the basic tasks in the game Mason.

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