Browser plugin, Windows and OSX builds of Ember

Thanks to the hard work of Péter Szücs during the Google Summer of Code 2011 we can now proudly introduce WebEmber, a browser plugin which allows you to embed Ember in a web page. We support all major browsers on Linux, OSX and Windows.

While the plugin is still in an early state, and there are a couple of rough edges, this first release gives a glimpse of the many possibilities provided by a web embeddable client.

That’s not all however, since we now also provide builds of Ember 0.6.2 for both Windows and OSX.

Although we’ve previously have provided builds for these platforms, the process of building have always been very time consuming and arcane. Thanks to the work Péter did during Google Summer of Code 2011 we now have a both much more straight forward as well as well documented way of building for both Windows and OSX.

As well as the binaries we also provide instructions for building from source for both Windows and OSX.

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