GSoC 2012 report: Péter Szücs

Péter Szücs worked for the Google Summer of Code 2012 on implementing an improved automatic mesh Level-of-detail management system for Ember. His project was a great success, as is demonstrated in this video.

The end result of his work is that Ember (and as an extension Ogre) now has a powerful and effective way of automatically generate low detail meshes from existing high detail ones. This feature is a boon for a client such as Ember, which always has to adapt to totally dynamic scenes. It’s expected that Péter’s work will allow us to craft even larger and complex worlds.

Péter has also written up an excellent report of the work he’s done, to be seen both online and as a PDF. It contains both examples of the improvements as well as technical descriptions.

At Worldforge we’re very proud of the work Péter did over the summer, and aim to release a new version of Ember incorporating it all very soon.

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