Getting the castle into the system

It has taken a lot of mangling, bug fixing, and even some new features, but I have finally got xrenmilay’s excellent keep model into the system. Here is a view in sear of the keep placed in a quiet valley in Moraf, just to the east of the pig sty.

The first screenshot of the keep in sear.

There are still some client bugs to be fixed before this works reliably, and lots of work to get the rest of the castle components loading okay. With any luck it can be ready in time for LinuxTag. We need to think carefully about a setting too. I am thinking about creating a land mass to the west of the area used for the current demo, and make this area the city port from which settlers leave in order to sail to Moraf, which is currently unsettled. Let me know if you have any ideas.

As far as interiors of buildings are concerned, we still have a long way to go with the technology before its possible to navigate around inside buildings. We’ll get working on this as soon as the current work on tasks and combat systems. Please be patient with us for now.

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4 Responses to Getting the castle into the system

  1. erik says:

    Nice work!

    I don’t know the current status of Equator, but the latest unstable release of Ember has built in realtime terrain editing. You will see the updated terrain as you change the base points.
    It can be downloaded from here:
    There are some screenshots of how it works here:
    The current cvs version has some additional features such as working undo/redo and different colouring for changes base points.

    There’s no ability to save the changes in the client, but it shouldn’t be difficult to write an exporter of the base points on the server side.

  2. xrenmilay says:

    Looks good however the uv data is distorted. The lower portion of the keep is displaying the shutter image sector, which is located on the uper left hand corner. It should be displaying the mossy rock base which is located on the lower left hand corner of the image. If you need me to revise the image map or the model to conform to a particular standard please email me jayr[at]

  3. alriddoch says:

    We have made some progress with the textures, and the keep now looks much better. It turns out some of the textures had to be inverted. We still have some issues with positioning submeshes, and I can’t get the textures on the house to look right at all. The texturing on the foundation mesh is very strange.

    Could you let me know if its possible that some of the meshes have different textures in different locations? Also could you do a rough diagram of how the various components should be layed out on the foundation? Somethings like the gateway are obvious. Others are less so.