Sear 0.6.2 Released

Building a stockade in Sear
Sear 0.6.2 has been released. This version has task support allowing basic building tasks to be performed. Current tasks include chopping down trees, stripping branches and sharpening into stakes to facilitate stockade construction.
This release also contains many improvements to the rendering system and long standing rotation and positioning bugs have been fixed.

Major changes in this release

* Fixed long standing rotation and positioning bugs
* Support for tasks
* Fixed bugs allowing leaving the world and re-entering without crashing sear.
* Added config options to 3ds and md3 loaders to automatically resize objects.
* Added ability to use texture transforms to fix some 3ds rendering problems.
* Numerous GUI improvements
* Added basic weather rendering. (it rains)
* Updated to Eris 1.3.11 API
* Many other minor bug fixes and improvements

Sear can be obtained from the following locations:

Source Package: sear-0.6.2.tar.gz
Linux Auto Package: sear-0.6.2.x86.package
Windows Installer: sear_win32_setup-0.6.2.exe

As an alternative to using WFUT to obtain the media, a tarball is also available: sear-media-20060627.tar.gz

Sear is also available using WFUT. The channels sear-win32 and sear-linux contain the latest Sear release, and the channels sear-devel-win32 and sear-devel-linux contain nightly sear builds from CVS.

OS-X builds are expected to be available shortly.

Instructions for using Sear can be found on the WorldForge website.
The quickstart guide is recommended as it explains the main features of Sear and the basic tasks in the game Mason.

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14 Responses to Sear 0.6.2 Released

  1. xrenmilay says:

    I am wondering how much work it would take to support obj format. Since Blender has very flakey support for 3ds object but a robust script for exporting obj files. Furthermor the md3 had some issues last time that exported in that format. Thanks simon for the update.

  2. Simon says:

    Remind me of the md3 problems? I remember the keep problems were mostly texture based rather than the md3 itself.

    The obj format looks fairly well documented, but it seems to allow free-form surfaces as well as normal geometry. If it was implemented in libmodelfile then it would be quite easy to add into sear. I am more reluctant to add another 3rd party library to Sear’s dependencies.

  3. Xron says:

    On Windows and I think Linux, The start menu icon links to the sear.bat file. I am not sure how it is done but I think it updates without scanning to see what you already have. Otherwise it takes about 10 minutes to download media again everytime I play.

  4. Simon says:

    Sear runs the media updater, but it shouldn’t be downloading the same stuff over and over again. Are you running Sear from a writeable location? The media updates are stored in the same dir as Sear.

  5. Xron says:

    It seems wrtiable in my WinXP directory but does report an error before every media update line in console. With Mason it takes like 5 seconds to update with only a few lines in console.

  6. Simon says:

    What is the error message? What do you mean by “with mason”?

  7. Xron says:

    Oh I meant Ember. I had to copy this manually since the DOS output window didnt let me copy. This is repeated with different files and takes about 5 minutes before it starts Sear.

    Error Downloading File
    Downloading: sear-media-0.6%2Fgoblin%2FThrow.xaf

  8. Xron says:

    Well the game isnt too bad although not really great with feedback. Plus would be nice to have more mouse interaction like right click menu. Can the player jump . I like to jump on and over things plus climb ladders. Is this a new thing with 3d games?

  9. Xron says:

    The lighting looks great though and animations and what’s there is good.

  10. Simon says:

    Where did you get Sear from? Was this from the setup .exe or did you download it using WFUT?
    I would be expecting to see these download errors from sear 0.6.1, not sear 0.6.2.
    You cannot jump or climb things as the server does not support the phyics required to do this. This sort of stuff should be implemented in the Indri server. Cyphesis, the current server only has a simple physics model at the moment.
    What do you expect to see with a right-click menu? Right click is currently used for moving the avatar.

  11. Max Randor says:

    the old version of sear suddenly started working for me – error misteriously disapered – I am now downloading the new version and I hope that that works to. Thank you.

  12. Xron says:


    I think I used the setup.exe. Version .6.1. So I guess I would also have to get .6.2. but can’t the updater just update versions like most MOGS?


  13. Simon says:

    There was some changes in the updater which means the 0.6.1 no longer works. I had to change the way files were encoded to handle special characters.

    The updater is mostly used for updating the media, although you can manually run it to update sear itself if you downloaded it from WFUT in the first place. If you got sear from the setup, then you need to download the newer setup.exe.