Cyphesis 0.5.8 Release

Cyphesis version 0.5.8 has been released and is now available from the WorldForge download site.

Cyphesis is a small to medium scale server for WorldForge games, with builtin AI. This version includes the demo game Mason which is currently in development. This release is intended for server administrators wishing to run a Mason server and World developers developing new worlds or game systems.

Major changes in this version:

  • The movemet code has been rewritten, making collision detection more reliable, removing many race conditions, and allowing for easier improvement of the code in future.
  • Major improvements have been made to the way clients are handled at logout, so we can now tell if a client wanted to go, or if it crashed or got disconnected.
  • The stockade has been fixed so the stake’s are now embedded in the ground correctly.
  • A number of performance improvements have been made in the core code.
  • Numerous bugs have been fixed.

Source code and Linux binary packages can be downloaded from here:

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3 Responses to Cyphesis 0.5.8 Release

  1. erik says:

    I’ve updated amber, though I haven’t had time to connect to it with a client yet to see if all works as it should.

  2. erik says:

    Folke also updated, but with both Ember and Sear I don’t get any terrain.

  3. Xron says:

    While using the .package:

    Checking for required C library versions … failed
    Error: Your copy of glibc, a core system library, is too old for this package.
    You need at least the following symbols in glibc: GLIBC_2.4.

    This error normally means that whoever built the package did not build it correctly.
    Please report the contents of this message to the provider of this package, and
    ask them to rebuild it using apbuild.

    Upgrading glibc is highly dangerous, so we recommend in this situation that you
    compile the app you want to install from the sources if possible. Sorry :(

    Error: Unable to prepare package Cyphesis.