New male media in Ember

I’m trying to get a new version of Ember out, hopefully this week. In the meantime I want to show some screenshots of the new male mesh that Jayr has been working on. By using the model definition system in Ember, it’s possible to define different “parts” of the model, such as “/torso/cloth/green” or “/torso/cloth/red”. These parts use the same submesh (in the example the torso submesh) but with different materials.

Building on this it should be possible to connect this to a system where properties of the entity would change the appearance. Preferrably some system that could be used on both Sear and Ember (I’ll have to talk to Simon about that). In most cases however properties of child entites would decide appearance. For example, if there’s an entity of type “settler”, it would perhaps have a contained entity of type “pants” with a property “colour” with the value “green”. If this contained entity then in some way was marked to be worn by the settler, the client would then need to know that it should show the part “/pants/cloth/green”.

Anyway, here’s some screenshots of Jayr’s outstanding male mesh with different parts activated:

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7 Responses to New male media in Ember

  1. xrenmilay says:

    Erik we have discussed this for the flesh. By changing the RGB values of the flesh shader one could create a variety of races and or skin pigments. I think this would be optimal for creating variety in clothing rather than creating texture maps for each color. It would also be very nice to have a random RGB value generated as well.

  2. xrenmilay says:

    Urp… It would also be very nice to have a random RGB value generated during the initial character generation process

  3. Max Randor says:

    I am afraid that I cannot see any picutures – I have manualy tried most of the links which I found by looking at the sourse but this only returned problems loading pages. so I think they are dud links.

  4. Max Randor says:

    No I think the problem is that amber is down – I cannot get the main page either.

  5. strixy says:

    I was wondering if there was anything I could do to help the project. I would like to leave a post on the forum describing my skill set, alas, the email validator appears to be broken. I also noticed you are receiving a lot of new spam accounts. (I’m probably burried in the approval list) Have you considered appending a few “DENY FROM” statements in your Apache .htaccess file? Assuming you have access to the root server.

  6. Administrator says:

    Sorry your post got stuck in the moderation queue for so long. We have a big problem with spam comments, and I have been away and unable to do the moderation. The best way to introduce yourself would be to connect to the WorldForge irc server, and chat to the people there.

  7. strixy says:

    No problem, and thank you for the approval. I’m a pretty active WordPress hacker (as well as Apache, php, etc.. see for an example). Let me help with the spam problem.

    Check out for a very reliable WordPress anti-spam plugin solution.

    If you would like me to set up a .htaccess file that will ban certain bots and offending IP’s from spamming your site let me know. (assuming you’re running Apache 2 server). It works like a charm. See for more info on how it works and why.

    Could you kindly forward my contact info to the administrator of the forum? I have a copy of the error code (below) sent during SMTP failure while trying to create an account. I would recommend changing the forum setup to use PHPmail instead of the SMTP protocol (which is probably not installed, lacking appropriate user permissions or otherwise misconfigured. Perhaps on purpose?)

    Error is as follows

    “Ran into problems sending Mail. Response: 554 : Relay access denied


    Line : 153
    File : smtp.php”

    My email is – Let me know if I can help.