Cyphesis 0.5.9 Release

Cyphesis version 0.5.9 has been released and is now available from the WorldForge download site.

Cyphesis is a small to medium scale server for WorldForge games, with builtin AI. This version includes the demo game Mason which is currently in development. This release is intended for server administrators wishing to run a Mason server and World developers developing new worlds or game systems.

Major changes in this version:

  • Stacking inventory items has been implemented.
  • The administrators commandline client no longer hangs if its terminal window changes size.
  • The commandline client now has a dynamic prompt indicating the server being accessed, and the user logged in.
  • Make sure that errors in rule scripts cause a python exception rather than logging to the server error log.
  • A bug has been fixed that made it easy for scripts to accidentally cause an object to be set to a corrupted orientation.
  • Numerous performance improvements have been made to the core C++ code.
  • A huge number of minor bugs have been fixed.

Source code and Linux binary packages can be downloaded from here:

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3 Responses to Cyphesis 0.5.9 Release

  1. erik says:


    How does the stacking work?

    I’ve been moving this week and will continue to do so this weekend (thus no irc meeting for me), and thus haven’t had time to hunt down the last bugs on the harlot that is Ember for Windows. So no release yet.

  2. Xron says:

    Yah that’s great. I am emailing James right now as he said he wanted someone for Indri testing as I want to get that done first, so I will see how that goes. Stacking is good for the new UI.

  3. Administrator says:

    Stacking is operated using Combine and Divide operations, which the client can send to the server to make a bunch of items into a stack. Clients can thus implement user interface options which control whether items are stacked automatically, or manually by the player.

    Get in touch on irc for the full spec of these ops. Note that it is not currently possible to spend stacked coins, as the NPCs will think that a stack is a single coin.