We have movement!

After finally releasing Ember 0.4.1 I’ve been able to focus on adding some new features. The most sought after was at last adding the ability to move things in the world. This would seem like a basic feature that would have been present years ago, but for some reason it never made it into the code. But now it’s finally there.
It’s now possible to reposition entities in the world. You simple grab the object you want to move and then move it with the mouse. The mouse wheel will allow for you to rotate it. The server of course restricts what you can move, just as it resticts what you can pick up. These restrictions don’t apply when logged in as an admin, which is a great boon to world developers; it’s now possible for them to log in as administrators and create and move entities. Here’s a screenshot showing how I’ve created an inn and a keep on the amber server, and currently moving a stand. Also shown is the terrain editor.

Additionally: gratuitous effects!

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  1. Max Randor says:

    cool – when I can I will test