Cyphesis 0.5.10 Release

Cyphesis version 0.5.10 has been released and is now available from the WorldForge download site.

Cyphesis is a small to medium scale server for WorldForge games, with builtin AI. This version includes the demo game Mason which is currently in development. This release is intended for server administrators wishing to run a Mason server and World developers developing new worlds or game systems. Major changes in this version:

  • A bug that caused the rpm scripts to hang when starting cyphesis has been fixed.
  • A number of bugs have been fixed that mean the server now runs on MacOSX.
  • The script API has been cleaned up a little to make it more consistent.
  • When cyphesis runs as a daemon it can now rotate its logs.

Source code and Linux binary packages can be downloaded from here:

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One Response to Cyphesis 0.5.10 Release

  1. kai says:

    The suse packages are updated, too.